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We're currently no longer renting studios

Our simple rules...


Art is part of a cultural dialogue that reflects and influences various frameworks such as personal and cultural identity, family, community, and nationality. Limiting any type of art from being exhibited limits personal and cultural identity, therefore Indy Walls will not censor the works for sale by the artist. 


Resident artists may hang other artist’s work within their space and can charge a commission fee on the work that is sold. Commission fees can vary, most run 25 to 40 percent but we ask that you cap commission fees at 40 percent or less.


No resident or artist is allowed to charge a hanging fee or any upfront fees to another artist – only commissions on sold work.  

You may Co-Op the studio space with several artists for a shared gallery. This isn't a pay-to-play model as it is sharing a space, so we'll allow it.

Resident artists have access and use of all communal areas in the facility, including access to larger areas to host a class or special event. Please see the front office so we can assist you. 


Resident artists have access to our communal work shop, use of communal tools, and allowed to take and donate to the communal materials department where one may leave their leftover project materials, paints, brushes, and canvas for communal use. 


Resident photographers may use the undeveloped basement quarters for photo and film shoots.   


While all guests may paint on our public exterior walls, Resident Artists have permission to paint on the interior or exterior of the facility. We do ask that you use some common sense practices such as not painting on a neighbor artists door or space, don't paint over fresh work or walk areas without scheduled permission. 


No painting of profanity or lude images on the building’s exterior. 


No painting over windows and utility piping. 


Do not paint over fresh art and try to place your work in areas that need updating or covering up due to wear or age, or pieces that have been tagged over multiple times and need covered.  


Be aware of your surroundings to prevent any paint or over-spray from getting on nearby parked vehicles or other neighbor's art. 


Nothing lasts forever. Try not to take it personal if your art gets painted over on an exterior wall. These are ever changing walls and we encourage their use. 
























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