Our visitor and guest rules...


Be respectful of all materials, builds, paints, and property you should come across during your visit at Indy Walls. It is the combined property of all of the artists that inhabit the building and should not be disturbed for any reason.

Studio spaces are not public spaces and not accessible without the artist's permission. If the studio artist is not in their studio, please refrain from entering.

Do not paint on any of the building interior walls or venue walls, these are reserved for our resident artists and are not part of the public free-walls that are available on the exterior of the building.

You may take photos of your visit and share with us via tagging our social media and #INDYWALLS 

Our Free-Wall rules...

The Indy Walls Public Exterior Walls are always open for the public to paint on.


Do not paint utilities, pipes, windows, electrical boxes, or keyholes on doors

Please refrain from going over larger, newer works. Paint is expensive, and so is time. If you're doing something smaller than what was previously there, find a smaller area on the wall for it or someplace with older, more worn art or tags that need painting over. 

Be aware of your surroundings to prevent any paint or over-spray from getting on nearby parked vehicles or other nearby property.

Keep it classy! No obscene and vulgar words or artwork out of respect to the neighborhood that we share. 

Be helpful and courteous to others painting. This may be their first time, or yours. Let's make it a memorable time for everyone involved!

Have fun and share your work with our social media or #IndyWalls 

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