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At this time we ask that you do not support a business who robbed us of ours. 

-Indy Walls Management

Updates and information about INDY WALLS II - COMING 2024

Caskey Mural by Garrett Mellekoote at Indy Walls - Art Event and Venue

Public Art Walls

Indy Walls is an Indianapolis artist community center created to help expand the arts while enriching the neighborhood it serves. It fosters connection with people and offers a collective space for sharing art and design within the community. Every artist is welcome here.


It's a free-to-use exterior art wall for the public. It's artist studio spaces with weekly events and pop-ups. It's where your favorite Indianapolis band plays. It's a place to explore the different disciplines of art with a crash course in graffiti and mural arts. It's an all inclusive place to gather with your friends and family. It's a communal space for artists and a tourist destination to those visiting our city. It's a collective space that is artist owned, built, and operated. 


Music & Venue

the labor and materials that were stolen from us.

Artist Studios

the tools that were stolen from us.
The community and free marketplace that was stolen from all of us.


Resident Workshop

Sshhhhh..... try not to wake the arts scene.


We know things have been dull since our departure.


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